Rapid delivery
 – minimises customer downtime and operating losses

Know the feeling? Suddenly there is a leak and you have no idea how to fix it? There is actually someone you can turn to...

We stock more than 120,000 high quality seals and gaskets for many different applications and industries. Moreover, we have a large stock of raw materials and are able to deliver the vast majority of seals and gaskets within 24 hours. This means that you can resume your work as soon as possible and minimise downtime and operating losses.

Modern facilities and broad expertise

Delivering at short notice requires great expertise and the right production resources and processes. At Carsten Holm, we have an area of more than 3,200 m3 at state-of-the-art facilities in Ringe, Denmark and are very proud to have a team of highly competent, experience professionals. Furthermore, we have automated work processes to ensure that every order is processed, packed and dispatched in no time. 

We have 120,000 item numbers stocked in a multi-storey warehouse covering a total area of 1,700 m2. We have 13 fully automatic warehouse robots and optimised processes at every link in the chain. Our customers therefore enjoy the benefits of:

  • Short delivery times
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Minimal capital binding
  • Error-free deliveries 
  • Minimal downtime and operating losses.


Express delivery service

We are aware that for some production processes, even a 24-hour delivery service is not fast enough. We have therefore set up a contingency service so that, in a critical situation, we can deliver the spare parts you need even faster.
NB: Our express delivery service is available only in Denmark.

Call our express delivery hotline on +45 62 62 52 55. The line is open around the clock, including weekends and public holidays. As soon as your express order is recorded, an employee drives to the factory, picks the item and packs it. The parcel arrives at your premises by taxi so that you can get your production line up and running again.

Get help from our technical supporters

If you do not know precisely which seal or gasket you need, our technical support department can help you, either to produce brand new solutions or to recreate original but discontinued seals.


Would you like an offer?

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+45 62 62 52 55