Technical assistance
- get help to create complex sealing solutions

Do you have technical questions regarding sealing in a specific application? Or do you need help to clarify the best choice of materials, dimensioning and design? Our technical supporters are on hand. They have great expertise and experience of seals and gaskets and their application. They know about our products’ composition and suitability for specific tasks. 

Even though we have more than 120,000 items numbers in our standard product range, we find that custom-made solutions are often required. If so, our technical supporters do the job. They can customise a special solution to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Working together to find an optimal sealing solution

Our technical assistance team has many years’ experience of producing customer-specific sealing solutions in close cooperation with Danish companies, large and small. The breadth and depth of their expertise on products and materials means that they soon understand critical issues and can come up with specific proposals to resolve them. The technical assistance team can help with e.g.:

  • Technical issues regarding your application
  • Optimal choice of sealing to suit your purpose
  • Guidance on choice of material
  • 3D drawings of gaskets and seals
  • Prototype production
  • Quality control and documentation.

Our versatile range of services includes everything from recreating a physical example of an unknown seal to full production of a brand new solution in cooperation with your R&D team. 

Rapid delivery 

We have large stocks of raw materials and can therefore rapidly produce small and large batches of standard seals as well as complex seals, and made-to-measure special seals and prototypes. 


Measurement and documentation option 

At the customer’s request, we also offer pre-manufacturing control measurement of seals on Carsten Holm Sealing Solutions’ own measuring devices. 


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