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Customised service kits

Application Material Profile Standard Hardness
Shore A
Pressure - (max) bar Temperature Sliding Speed
(max m/sec)
Dimension Price Pressure
Customised service kits Inspection and maintenance Upon request

At Carsten Holm, we assemble customised service kits in many different ways. A service kit may include standard and custom seals. We are more than willing to assemble a solution that matches the original kit with regards to quality, size, materials and functionality. In each case, we offer to assess opportunities to improve the service kit on a range of specific parameters to ensure that you receive an optimal solution that saves you time and money. We aim consistently to offer our customers the best kit to meet their specific needs. When we have assembled the perfect service kit, we prepare a list of contents, and give your kit a reference number and a unique item number. You can then use this data to reorder fast and easily. To ensure that you reap the benefits of maximum useful lifetime, we deliver kit contents in sealed bags to protect the seals from ambient processes, such as UV and ozone degradation.

The specifications, materials, dimensions and number of pieces varies for each service kit. As an example, a service kit may contain the following:

  • O-rings
  • Back-up rings
  • Wipers
  • Guide strips
  • Piston seals
  • Rod seals



  • The optimised solution is cheaper than the original service kit
  • Less waiting as we offer a day-to-day delivery service
  • More reliable operations
  • Fewer assets tied up in warehouse stock
  • Sealed bags delay ageing


Customised service kits are used in connection with inspection and maintenance of mechanical and other applications in almost all branches of industry. A service kit saves time and effort because you always have the correct set of parts for the purpose –– and easy and fast installation.


Qualified guidance from start to finish
We are on hand to help you assemble a service kit to meet your exact requirements. Our technical department takes care of every assignment – from your initial enquiry until the kit is complete. To ensure that we provide the best personal service, Carsten Holm designates a contact person to assist you throughout the process.