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O-ring - FFKM

Application Material Profile Standard Hardness
Shore A
Pressure - (max) bar Temperature Sliding Speed
(max m/sec)
Dimension Price Pressure
O-ring - FFKM FFKM -26°C+260°C(+326) O-RING - DIMENSIONS

FFKM (Perfluoro Rubber). FFKM O-rings function in the highest and most extreme operating conditions when it comes to applications exposed to heat and chemicals.

O-rings are the most common sealing element, and because they are cheap and simple, the area for application of O-rings is very wide in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Where working conditions and equipment are suitable, they can be used both in static and dynamic applications, but they are not recommended for rotary movements.
Because they take up less space and provide two-sided sealing compared with other sealing elements, O-rings make designing easier. Obtaining good results from O-ring applications depends on suitable measurements, choosing correct materials, and suitable surface quality on metal parts.



• Can be used both for hydraulic and pneumatic systems
• Can be used both for static and dynamic applications
• Both for rod and piston applications
• Easy installation and removal
• Excellent resistance to mineral oils, greases, synthetic oils and mechanical wear
• Excellent resistance to heat, ozone, ageing and weathering
• Excellent resistance to water and steam
• Excellent resistance to chemicals

Used in industry with extreme environments but especially in non-moving machinery and in static sealing applications, e.g. as flange or cover seals.
FFKM O-rings are known for their extremely good chemical and heat resistance and the products are often found in applications in extreme environments, e.g. chemical and power plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical industries and aerospace. 

O-rings are fitted into the groove by hand. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. Before installation all individual parts of the seal must be lubricated. Be sure not to use a lubricant that will cause deterioration of the seal.
Tolerances: DIN 3771 / ISO 3601

FFKM O-rings must not be used with fluorinated refrigerants and perfluorinated lubricants.