Proficient and reliable employee turns 70

Although over the years, we at CARSTEN HOLM A/S have successfully retained many key employees, it is not every day that we celebrate an employee’s 70th birthday. Today, 2 April 2020, Mogens Jensen, who has 19 years’ seniority at the company, celebrates his 70th birthday. He was a valuable asset to the company from day one.

19 years in the company 

Mogens started work at CARSTEN HOLM A/S in 2001. For the first three years, he was responsible for building and developing the company’s sales via our distributor network. Then he became Sales Manager, a position he held for 14 years. During this 17-year period, the company expanded and the workforce you could count on just one hand grew to become today’s 33-strong team in Denmark plus a team of 10 in China. Then a local player, the company has also become a global supplier of sealing and gaskets, an achievement for which Mogens is largely responsible. Since he started at the company, Mogens has always been enthusiastic and visionary about his work and his desire to see the company to develop.

In the last two years, Mogens has been General Manager at our Chinese sales company, Holm Sealing Solutions Ltd., in Suzhou. In China, Mogens is responsible from everything from development and sales to daily operations. Our activities in China comprise the sale of seals and gaskets to European and Chinese clients who wish to have high European standards of quality. We do not produce in China.

Active leisure time

In addition to spending a great deal of time working for us, Mogens is also very active in his leisure time. He has a small rural property at Bøsøre on East Funen, at which he spends many hours doing maintenance work to ensure that everything is shipshape! Mogens is also sporty. When he has time and the weather is on his side, he runs, cycles and paddles his homemade Greenland kayak. Mogens has two adult children and three grandchildren so he will have plenty to do in his free time when he at some point in the future decides to retire.

Mogens, we send our very sincere wishes for a very happy birthday and thank you for many years of sterling service at the company.